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A company installs a CCTV system as added protection for their stock, equipment, and staff. Companies who transport cash are especially vulnerable from armed robberies and for them a CCTV system is not an option but a necessity.

Any mechanical, electrical, or electronic device can break down or will need maintenance due to wear and tear. Without this, the system is useless or at best flawed.
Regular maintenance will prevent most breakdowns but faults can still occur and then it will be necessary to call out a CCTV technician. The company who installed the system will in all probability do the repair work as well but if not look for a reputable company, one that is known and who has a good track record.

When you call out a technician for repair work to your CCTV system, you can expect him to check all the different parts that make up the whole e.g. the fixed and dome cameras, the multiplexers, digital recorders, monitors, time-lapse VCRs and the telemetry equipment. They check the electricity flow to every part of the system and they replace faulty parts as they find them. If the problem lies with the hard drive of the digital video camera, the technicians will fit a new one. Software and firmware might be upgraded at the same time.

The problem might be with the joysticks, keyboards, or control keys of the telemetry control equipment. If so the parts will be repaired or replaced as they see fit. If the time-lapse VCR has recorded for more than 10 000 hours, certain parts must be replaced to improve the functioning. Monitors can also be faulty and if they cannot be repaired, it might be time for a new one although they normally last for a long time.

House owners who have installed a CCTV system at their homes have done so for a reason. If you live in a high-risk area and need to safeguard your family and valuables against robbers and thieves, it is important to keep the cameras rolling and you must affect a repair as soon as possible.

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